Eli Murray Photography

An awesome website for an awesome photographer.

In a market saturated with template based Flash sites and annoying auto-play music, Eli needed a website that was easy to navigate and featured his amazing photography work. We went to work by researching his competition.

Nearly every photographer's site we came across featured annoying auto-play music and was built using Flash (thereby excluding all iPhone and iPad users). After we got a good idea of what not to do, we started with a super modern color scheme of stark white and a gorgeous teal. Eli needed a logo that would avoid the cheesy cliché of a camera, while still getting the point across. He also needed to be able to use the logo on his packaging (CDs, albums, etc) by itself, without the text, and still have it be recognizable. Shift Creative came up with this super simple concept that combines all those elements in a super-simple mark that is indicative of the glassy front of a camera lens.

Eli's website was built on the Wordpress content management system so he's able to manage all aspects of the site. His blog has become one of the most popular photographer's blogs in Arkansas and he recently won the 2011 Bride's Choice award from Wedding Wire magazine.

Within three months of launching the site, Eli was on the front page of Google for his desired keywords: "little rock wedding photography".

What Eli had to say:

“Just like any other small business owner, I am cautious when making any financial decision. I think carefully about the pros and cons of every investment. However, I also knew that I had a goal in mind. I wanted to rise above the rest in my industry and stand out. I knew that I couldn't do everything myself and I would need the skills of a highly educated web expert. When I met with Jordan Little the first time, I knew that Shift Creative was the company to take me to that next level. Jordan is a true expert in his field, but what impressed me most about him was his concern for me and my business. He has a desire to see other professionals grow and makes it his business to help in their success. If I would have never made the decision to work with Shift Creative, I would still be just another photographer at the bottom of thousands of listings. Shift Creative set me on a direct path to success with their knowledge of SEO and proper web presence. My website constantly gets compliments from current and future clients. Not only is my website beautiful and extremely functional, but my clients are finding me above all the others in my industry. Not more than three months after Shift Creative designed my website and I followed the SEO instruction of Jordan, I was on the front page of google for photographers in my area. This wasn't magic or luck, it was completely due to the careful decision I made to hire Shift Creative. I make a lot of decisions in my business on a daily basis, but the best decision I've ever made for my company was hiring Shift Creative.”

Here's what we delivered

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • jQuery
  • Blog Design
  • Wordpress CMS
  • InstaProofs integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
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