Five simple steps to an amazing new web design.

How we work

We believe websites should be about content, not fluff.

Your users aren't coming to your site to admire the design. They're visiting to get information, buy something, or interact with other users. A good interface is one that is never noticed. So, starting with that principle, we begin with…

1. Research

We take the time to learn about you and your business so we can tailor your website to meet all your goals. From what you know about your clients and what we learn from our research we can get a good idea of who exactly will be using your website. We can then build the site to meet all of your site's users' expectation.

We also take a good look at your competitors. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? We take all this into account when reviewing your content in the next stage.

  • Review current site (or marketing materials)
  • Research competition
  • Access existing brand

2. Gather & Organize

All materials for the website are procured and organized into a sitemap of your future website. Any necessary media (photos, music, videos) are gathered together and sorted. At this point we have a working wireframe of the layout for the website. If you don't yet have a domain name or hosting, these are taken care of for you. Logos and branding materials are collected so we can get a good idea of your brand's style and integrate it into the design.

  • Wireframe for layout
  • Sketch basic elements
  • Organize content into sitemap

3. Design

Starting with a color scheme, the wireframes from Step 2 and your logo, we dive into the web design. We keep in close contact with you as we handcraft every detail of the site and create an enjoyable experience for your website's users. At this stage, the web design is a simple image, not interactive at all, until we start the coding process.

  • Static mock ups
  • Home page and interior page designs

4. Coding & Development

We slice and dice the design and code it into valid HTML and CSS. If you've decided to implement a content management system, your web design is integrated into it and all content is added. The site is optimized for search engines and all contact forms and databases are set up and secured. The website is tested in all major browsers and usability tests are conducted to make sure everything is super easy to use and ready for launch.

  • Server set up
  • Content management
  • Separate layers of HTML / CSS for websites that are fast and easily updated

5. Launch

We "soft-launch" the site so that it's only visible to certain people, including you, to make sure everything's perfect. After you give us the go-ahead, we flip a switch and the site is live!

  • Passwords/usernames are assigned
  • We offer on-site CMS training
  • We celebrate!